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La Diada de Sant Jordi is a Catalan holiday celebrated on April 23, something similar to Valentine’s Day. It is also known as el dia de la rosa (the Day of the Rose) or el dia del llibre (The Day of the Book). In this day lovers use to exchange gifts: the boys give roses to their girlfriends or wives, and the girls give a book to their lover. All the streets are full of roses and you can hardly find a woman without a rose in her hands. This is my first Sant Jordi here and I was quite impressed as in the last days I have seen catalan flags all over the place (in cake shops, in florist’s shops, etc). Actually the rose I have received has a small catalan flag on it (it’s hard to find one without it, I know B tried to).

It is expected to sell a quantity of 5,5 millions of roses today and around 500.000 books, half of the books that will be sold during the whole year.

It is nice to walk on the streets and see all the roses exposed to attract more buyers, see the boys and girls walking hand in hand, one with a rose and the other one with a book, see them kissing and wishing their love will be always like that, a sunny day like today.

Also, today all Spain celebrates the Day of the Book and for that here goes the poem I have chosen for this special day:

Soy, este.
El que tú imaginas.
Aquel que dibujas con cada párrafo que pasa.

Y cuando me lees,
soy tan tuyo
que hasta me inventas.

Y no termino en el punto.
Me cuelgo de algún rincón
del laberinto de tu ser,
y soy de ti un trozo.

Me llevarás hasta en la mortaja
y aún después; atado a tu alma
surcaremos el infinito,
desde ahora juntos… (Marzio Girola, Soy)

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