The Divine Child by Pascal Bruckner

The Divine Child is a novel proposing a new point of view, a novel of choices. Pascal Bruckner offers us in this book an answer to the question “What if I could decide not to be born?”.

Madeleine Barthelemy decides to give a good education to their children before they get born. Starting with the first month of pregnancy she begins the geography lessons, music and also mathematics. In order to obtain better results she contacts Dr. Fontaine who refuses at the beginning, but he eventually makes Madeleine’s children the most important thing in his life, his only chance to make himself known around to world for his methods of prenatal education.

After the foetus achieved the skills of an university student they asked for newspapers, they needed to know what was happening around the world. They finally got a little bit dissapointed so that Louis decides to stay inside his mother’s belly, he decides not to get born. His sister, Céline decides to get out of her temporary home and unfortunatelly as she was going out she started to forget all that she had learned; when she finally got out she wasn’t even able to speak. That made Louis believe he made the right choice, so despite of the sufferings and anger of his mother he decided to stay in. How is the life inside your mother’s womb? How much can a little boy fool the nature and science and live inside his mother?

Interesting quotes:

Louis talking to his mother:

Madeleine: “Little boy, stop acting childish and get out with your sister.”

Louis: “How ridiculous! Asking a foetus to stop acting childish.”

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