The Departed, Scorsese’s most deserved Oscar


…and his only one. Martin Scorsese is a great director, this is something I know, you know, he knows, everybody knows. Taxi Driver, New York, New York, Goodfellas, Gangs of New York, The Aviator are just some of the titles that impressed the public, the critics, but that didn’t get to be read during the best director section of the great ceremony. Despite that, Martin Scorsese always kept on directing movies and his movies were still very very good movies, movies that didn’t leave us indifferent until one day the title of one of his movies was read during the best director section: The Departed. But still, there is a but. After Titanic I swore I would not see again any movie in which Leonardo di Caprio appeared. It seemed to me a very bad actor. I don’t know why. Maybe because the movie was very bad, maybe because of all the advertising stuff he was involved in after Titanic, the sex symbol he turned into after dying in Titanic. I remember I was 15 when I saw Titanic and I remember that half of the girls in my city were like “Wow” every time they saw him on TV or whatever. Anyway, independently of the reasons, I refused to see any movie in which Di Caprio showed his face since then. I have seen Gangs of New York in the meantime in which Di Caprio appears and it was not bad, not bad at all, but still it did not convince me. So here comes the doubt: The Departed was the movie for which Scorsese finally got the Oscar. If his other movies were brilliant this one should be at least amazingly brilliant to get the Oscar, so I must see it. On the other hand, in The Departed Di Caprio shows his face almost during all the movie, and I’m talking about 2 hours and a half. Should I see the movie? I have asked myself this question in several occasions until we finally decided to give it a chance and see it. It couldn’t be bad. It actually proved to be more than amazingly brilliant in the end.

The Departed is a movie of endless action, a movie with a crazy rhythm that doesn’t let you even breath during the 2 hours and a half that it lasts. A movie that needs your total attention and that gets your total attention without you even noticing it (something we’ve got used to in Scorsese’s movies). A movie that surprises you with changes that no one would expect. A movie with very deep dialogs, with a quite strong vocabulary which is still not exaggerated, a movie with a very good soundtrack, very very appropriate music. Scorsese finally found perfection with this movie, but he did not find it alone. The cast was a very important ingredient of this success and without it the movie would not have been even half as good as it is: Jack Nicholson, Alec Baldwin, Matt Damon, Leonardo Di Caprio (who really really surprised me with his interpretation in this movie) they were all brilliant actors.

The Departed was the movie that taught me to never judge a movie I have not seen and always give a chance to a movie independently of the actors that appear in it, a lesson I have learned before with other movies but never applied. I promise I will apply it from now on.

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