Dailylit, your daily dose of literature

Nowadays we all tent to say (and think) that we have no time to read. I always have books that I’d love to read but they use to spend months on the waiting list because there’s always something that occupies all my time: work, school, etc. Now there is a solution: Dailylit!

Dailylit is a page which offers a small dose of literature daily directly to your e-mail. You can subscribe and receive your book at a certain hour, everyday or only on weekdays. You can read it when you use to take a small break when you are at work, or when you use to spend the 20 minutes in front of the PC when you get home. It doesn’t have a very big collection of books, most of them are old books with expired copyright, but still, very good books and they are adding new books every now and then.

I have started to read Dickens’ Hard Times, and I really enjoy it. When I use to take my coffee I receive my daily installment and I enjoy it while I relax a bit. I still have 129 installments to go, but we’re getting there.

Very recommended!


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