Are you really multitasking?

We use to say that we are multitasking because we are able to do more than one activity at one time successfully. We can speak with a client by phone, write an e-mail and respond to colleague who is asking if we want coffee or not. But do we really do all these things at the same time and do we really concentrate on each one of these things? Cientists have different opinions and until they make up their minds and come to a conclusion we will not know if we can really be multitasking or not. I always considered myself able to do various tasks at the same time, but still, science might study this and discover if this is really possible and how can it be achieved.

For the moment I have found some very interesting videos which demonstrate that the most important skill that helps us realize more than one task at the same time, aka the short term visual memory, is limited. We can only concentrate on 4 things at the same time. False? See the videos on this page and see how long it takes to find the difference between the two pics in each video.

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