“12:08 East of Bucharest” or “A fost sau n-a fost”

Today we entered the video club looking for a nice movie to see on a Sunday night but we could not decide on what movie to see. We finally saw one about the revolution that took place in 1989 in Bucharest. We were not very enthusiastic about this movie but we finally took it as nothing else seemed interesting.

The first image of the movie was the town hall of my home town. I could not believe my eyes, but yes, that movie was filmed in my home town, Vaslui. We saw other familiar places and we started to enjoy the movie much more than we thought we would. We spent a quite good time remembering Vaslui and trying to find out where the buildings in the movie were located. The strange thing is that Bruno told me that one of the character’s house was situated next to my parents’ house and I did not believe it until the end when a bridge which is situated right in front of my parents’ house shows up in the picture. I lived there for 18 years and Bruno who spent there two weeks knows it better than I. Shame on me.

The movie was really good, not because it was filmed in my home town, but because the actors were really good and the screenplay also. It’s much better if you understand Romanian and know some things about Romania and Romanians, but even if you don’t you will surely spend a good time seeing this movie.

I can say I have one more reason to be proud of my home town, and I am also proud that a movie produced with a very limited budget got to win so may prizes and nominations. Very good job!

More info on this movie here.

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