The Dark Knight – Why so serious?

I never enjoyed the stories about superheroes with superpowers that supersave superpeople, but this time I wanted to give it a try. All I remember about Batman from my childhood is that a neighbour of mine wore similar clothes and he was always saying that he would save us all. In fact, one day he came and said (I was 11 years old at that moment) “at 3pm the thiefs are coming to Vaslui (my natal town) and they will attack us, but don’t worry I will save you all”. I remember being scared and not telling all this “secret” to my parents (??) and I remember him with the Batman costume shouting “come, thiefs, come, I will show you who is Batmaaan”. As a grown up, this neighbour of mine, is a completely normal person, in case there were doubts.


Anyway, going back to our theme, despite of what I expected from the movie I was very impressed. The movie is an example of how to make a movie based on a comic. It keeps all your senses awake until the end, it does not let you breathe, it always surprises you, and apart from this the photography and special effects are just perfect, they could not picture better Gotham city and the fear that its inhabitants felt, it could not picture better Harvey Dent, and of course, it could not picture better the Joker. After watching it I came to like Batman, he is a superhero, but the kind of superhero that does the things by himself, not the superpowers type of hero.

I assume there will be a second part of the movie, as for some of the characters the ending is not definite and I believe it was this way intentionally.

The movie has a rating of 9/10 on with more than 300.000 votes until now and that makes it the best movies of 2008 and I think that is a fair rating and recognition for Chrisopher Nolan’s work. A great movie, indeed.

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